Software & Apps – Web Based EXIF Editor with Flickr, Dropbox & Google Drive Support

Finally I’ve found the necessary time to make a completely new version of, my web based EXIF Editor to edit the EXIF Metadata of any JPG or TIFF files.

Some years ago I’ve decided to make this tool because many Analog pictures were scanned and published online and they does not contains EXIF metadata or contains wrong information like the scanner that have acquired the Film instead of the real Camera Model.

I like to keep ordered my archive and to filter it by the equipment that I used to take pictures and I like to publish pictures on Flickr with the right EXIF metadata so I think that can be a useful help.

Moreover by making website I’ve noticed that pictures with right metadata informations get a better indexing from the Search Engines and many people are use to edit them for the web.

This new version of the tool does not only support the editing via upload but it’s linked with three big Cloud Services:

  • Flickr
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive

This means that, if you like, you don’t have to upload the picture from your local PC, edit it and then download it modified with your changes; you can directly link your Flickr, Dropbox & Google Drive account to made a live editing of your photos.

Below you can find the “What’s New” of the biggest changes:

  • is now Bootstrap & Jquery powered;
  • I’ve “finally” leaved out the mandatory Flash Player for the image’s upload;
  • Exiftool updated to the latest version;
  • Mobile and tabled optimization, so you can use it with this kind of devices;
  • No more renames of your files;
  • The user can upload multiple files and choose if edit them one by one or all together
  • Much more larger equipment database for Camera and Lens suggestions;

For the next step I’ve planned to make a screencast that shows the features of this tool.

Please check it out on – Just a Web Based Exif Editor for Flickr, Dropbox & Google Drive

~ Andrea ~

ShutterDial – Find photos on Flickr by Camera Settings (aka EXIF Data)

ShutterDial is the latest search engine for the Flickr addicts that will help you in searching photos by the EXIF Datas embedded into them. This function is not yet available on the official site.

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Adobe Sneak Peeks 2011 – Deblurring

Yesterday, Adobe has posted some videos regarding some new technologies that problably will be included in the next version of their software suites.

The most interesting feature that is creating a huge excitement on the web is the Image Deblurring, ie the ability to restore blurred images due to a camera shake during the capture.

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I’m pleased to announce that the EXIF editor I’ve developed is now online.

With this tool (completely free) you can change

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Hipstamatic: The Coolest iPhone Photo App

In case you missed it you should check one of the coolest iPhone Photo App actually on the market: Hipstamatic.

What’s that for?! It takes pictures like a vintage, plastic, toy camera!! So for now it not seem a great deal, there’re many app like this, but what makes Hipstamatic so funny are all the customization available, you can change films, lenses, flashes and camera skins! Each combination will produce a different photo effect.

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Brand New Web Based EXIF Editor

During  last weeks I’ve worked on a little project that combines my two passions: photography and web applicatons. It’s a web interface for exiftool: the best editor to modify the EXIF data contained into an image file.

For those who don’t know what is EXIF data: it’s a bunch of information written by a digital camera into an image file, for example: date and time of capture, camera used, exposure, GPS location etc…

Why do I need an EXIF editor?

Bceause I like both digital and film photography, so I scan many pictures with an hardware that doesn’t know when I’ve got them, the camera I used etc… this will end up in a photo archive full of pictures with wrong or missed EXIF data.

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Vintage Camera Icons

Are we going back to the old school film photography?
Probably not, however, many people likes film cameras and usually they prefer this kind of photography over the digital one.

I hope they’ll like this nice Vintage Camera icon set to customize their Desktops.

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How To: Merge Landscapes In Photoshop

the following post will try to explain how I’ve processed this image in Photoshop CS4; I’m writing this article for two reason: first of all I hope it’ll be usefull for somebody and second I’ll be happy to know your opinion about what I’ve done in this picture.

The method is useful for landscapes images where there’s a strong difference between the grass and the sky. Both parts should be differently exposed and we know that it’s difficult to achieve a good result with just one shot.

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