John Kraus: the Rocket Photographer

I’ve discovered John Kraus by reading an article on, he’s just 18 years old and his primary photo subjects are rocket launches.
He takes absolutely stunning picture of these launches, I’m really impressed!

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Finally I’ve found the necessary time to make a completely new version of, my web based EXIF Editor to edit the EXIF Metadata of any JPG or TIFF files.

Some years ago I’ve decided to make this tool because many Analog pictures were scanned and published online and they does not contains EXIF metadata or contains wrong information like the scanner that have acquired the Film instead of the real Camera Model.

I like to keep ordered my archive and to filter it by the equipment that I used to take pictures and I like to publish pictures on Flickr with the right EXIF metadata so I think that can be a useful help.

Moreover by making website I’ve noticed that pictures with right metadata informations get a better indexing from the Search Engines and many people are use to edit them for the web.

This new version of the tool does not only support the editing via upload but it’s linked with three big Cloud Services:

  • Flickr
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive

This means that, if you like, you don’t have to upload the picture from your local PC, edit it and then download it modified with your changes; you can directly link your Flickr, Dropbox & Google Drive account to made a live editing of your photos.

Below you can find the “What’s New” of the biggest changes:

  • is now Bootstrap & Jquery powered;
  • I’ve “finally” leaved out the mandatory Flash Player for the image’s upload;
  • Exiftool updated to the latest version;
  • Mobile and tabled optimization, so you can use it with this kind of devices;
  • No more renames of your files;
  • The user can upload multiple files and choose if edit them one by one or all together
  • Much more larger equipment database for Camera and Lens suggestions;

For the next step I’ve planned to make a screencast that shows the features of this tool.

Please check it out on – Just a Web Based Exif Editor for Flickr, Dropbox & Google Drive

~ Andrea ~

Fabio Corinaldesi’s Historical Photographic Techniques

Hi everybody, today I’m glad to present you the man of the Historical Photographic Techniques: Fabio Corinaldesi.
Fabio is for first a very special friend, so I’m very happy to dedicate this post, in addition to this (although “officially” it’s life business is completely far from photography) he’s a real expert of any photographic technique that don’t involve anything like pixels, bytes, electricity except perhaps for a couple of batteries and any kind of digital content.

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The 10 Most Expensive Photos Ever Sold

Paul Dorrel Photography has published a really nice infographic to show the 10 most expensive photos ever sold.


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ShutterDial – Find photos on Flickr by Camera Settings (aka EXIF Data)

ShutterDial is the latest search engine for the Flickr addicts that will help you in searching photos by the EXIF Datas embedded into them. This function is not yet available on the official site.

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Toshihiro Oshima from TOKYO

Here’s another great discovery I made on Flickr: Tshihiro Oshima.

The Art of Toshihiro Oshima comes from a great Cinema passion, in particular from the inspiration grabbed from extraordinary Photography Directors like: Geoffrey Unsworth (DP of “2001: A Space Odyssey; Cabaret; A Bridge Too Far etc) or Gordon Willis (DP of Godfather series, early Woody Allen films etc), and a particular obsession with Stanley Kubrick.

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Steve Huff & the Lomography Petzval Art Lens

I stumbled into Steve Huff several years ago when I noticed his gallery on, I remember that there were some beautiful photos taken with an EOS 5D and some fixed lens, then he began his prosperous adventure with the blog that I follow constantly because it’s full of really interesting reviews, especially regarded the Leica and Mirrorless worlds.

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Analog Camera Porn

Just a bunch of my favourite shots from Flickr.
Under each picture you can find a link to the original page ;)

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Electrolite: a blog by Shannon Richardson

Since my favourite kind of photography is the Film Photography (time permitting) and considering that my favourite film format is the 6×6, I’m posting another nice blog made all in 6×6.

Read More – Photography & Vintage Audio

If you like the classic vintage audio’s equipment of the 60’s you must check this blog:

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Framed – An iPhone 4S Short Story

More info HERE

Sam Javanrouh unfortunately has ended the Daily Dose of Imagery project

Sam Javanrouh is a photographer from Toronto, I’ve posted an article about his blog here.
In addition to being an extraordinary photographer I’ve really liked his Daily Dose of Imagery blog, where for 10 years he’ve published a photo a day.
He never missed a shot and, unfortunately, July 4, 2013 he finished his business with

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Hi, if you like old school lenses please check out this interesting review from one of my favourite blog:


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Analog T-Shirts da Dodge & Burn

Dodge & Burn was created out of a passion for analogue photography and classic cameras.  The sculpted mechanical beauty of vintage cameras, the legendary photographers who used them, and the iconic images they created are the things that fuel the Dodge and Burn brand.

Below you can see the complete gallery

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Canon EOS 6D Official Spec Leaked VS Nikon D600

It seems that the official technical specification of the Canon 6D has been leaked.
I hope that this camera will be announced very soon, probably today or tomorrow when the Photokina 2012 will start.

Here you can see a comparison table from the leaked tech spec of the Canon 6D and the

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Sony RX1 …. WoooWW!

The Photokina 2012 event is almost started and Sony unveils its new creation: a mirrorless like camera with a FULL FRAME 24MP sensor and a 35mm f/2 fixed lens.

This means that it is now possible to get ISO performance, dynamic

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Synap(see) Projects

Do you know the Synap(see) group? It brings together eight talented photographers to develop personal projects from a common base theme. I’ve saw the work “Terra Nostra” at the FacePhotoNews meeting (Sassoferrato – AN – ITALY) and I must say I was really impressed by the images exposed.

The authors involved in this project are:

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Kodak Films Almost Dead

Bad news for the Kodak’s Film lovers, the giant has announced the sale of Personalised Imaging and Document Imaging divisions in order to concentrate his energies on the business market. Unfortunately the Personalised Imaging Unit includes the traditional print kiosks and the beloved consumer films.

If nobody will continue the production of consumer films

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Chiaravalle PhotoNews 2012

Sabato 5 Maggio 2012 inizierà la decima rassegna di fotografia contemporanea regionale Chiaravalle PhotoNews 2012.
Qui i dettagli della manifestazione: FotoClub Manifattura Tabacchi

Durante la prima settimana esporrò un lavoro dal titolo “Ciò che resta …” dedicato all’area industriale Ex-Montedison e sviluppato interamente con attrezzatura analogica.

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Photographers: Ivan Constantin

This post is dedicated to another exceptional portrait’s artist with a bunch of really great works. His name is Ivan Constantin, he lives in Montpellier were he also performs most of his Street Photography work.

He is intersted most of all in the human figure: He put under the spotlight various characters, allowing us to see different lives and personalities. Please check out them to understand it’s style!

Here’s the link to his website, where you can see all his work:

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Fujifilm X-Pro1

The evolution of the famous Fuji X100 is finally here, it has been called X-Pro1 and this is probably the advanced mirrorless camera available in the market.

At first glance it may seem a simple variant of the X100, which simply overcome the 35mm fixed lens limitation, but it has been improved in many other aspects.

The size of the body has been increased (and now it’s similar to an M9) and the controls has been improved while maintaining the traditional philosophy of the previous camera, but the real news comes from the new 16MP APS-C ‘X-Trans CMOS ‘ sensor.

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DIY Camera

Have you ever thought of building a camera? Probably will not be easy but in the next link you’ll find some great ideas regarding the home made camera construction.

There are many examples, from Folding to Large Format:
Camera Builders

*The one pictured on top is the 6×7 View Camera

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Lytro Light Field Camera

The Lytro company has announced a revolutionary camera able to capture a four dimensions scene by catching every light ray that flow into it. The end result is an image that, with the provided software, it can be refocused by choosing a different point of focus.

The sensor inside the camera is a 11 Megaray (they call it in this way) that is combined with a 35-280mm constant F2 lens and embedded into a completely new design for a camera.

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Adobe Sneak Peeks 2011 – Deblurring

Yesterday, Adobe has posted some videos regarding some new technologies that problably will be included in the next version of their software suites.

The most interesting feature that is creating a huge excitement on the web is the Image Deblurring, ie the ability to restore blurred images due to a camera shake during the capture.

Read More – Just a web based exif editor

I’m pleased to announce that the EXIF editor I’ve developed is now online.

With this tool (completely free) you can change

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Ciao Steve


~ Andrea ~

Mike Peters – A Street Photographer

This post is dedicated to a real Street Photography specialist. I’ve been following him since a very long time on Flickr and his name is Mike Peters, he comes from New Jersey and he’s a professional photographer with a great passion for Street Photography who practices exclusively with a classic Hasselblad camera.

His latest project “THE DREAM” is a series of photos depicting

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Concorso Leica 24×36

Segnalo il concorso 24×36 promosso dalla Leica.
Il funzionamento è molto semplice:

1) Bisogna caricare 3 foto sul sito dedicato;
2) Vengono selezionate 24 persone alle quali sarà data in comodato d’uso gratuito una Leica X1;
3) I fotografi selezionati hanno 3 mesi di tempo per produrre un portfolio fotografico, composto da 36 opere sulla propria città, il tema è “One camera, One lens, One city”.

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Nikon 1 System: The Anti Micro 4/3

Nikon has recently announced his new 1 System by introducing two new camera micro 4/3 like, the V1 and J1, the first designed for the photo enthusiasts and the second for consumer public.

The V1 and J1 are mirrorless camera (so small in size) powered by a 10MP sensor called “CX” (identical in both cameras) smaller than the classic micro 4/3 already developed by competitors.

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Hipstamatic: The Coolest iPhone Photo App

In case you missed it you should check one of the coolest iPhone Photo App actually on the market: Hipstamatic.

What’s that for?! It takes pictures like a vintage, plastic, toy camera!! So for now it not seem a great deal, there’re many app like this, but what makes Hipstamatic so funny are all the customization available, you can change films, lenses, flashes and camera skins! Each combination will produce a different photo effect.

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The iPhone SLR Mount

So you think you know everything about the iPhone mods and accessories?!
Probably you should check the latest creation from the SLR adapter that will let you use any Canon or Nikon lens on your iPhone!

*Please note the upside down image on the pictured iPhone, this is due to the lack of any lens or prism inside the adapter :D
249 US$ for the iPhone 4 version

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Brand New Web Based EXIF Editor

During  last weeks I’ve worked on a little project that combines my two passions: photography and web applicatons. It’s a web interface for exiftool: the best editor to modify the EXIF data contained into an image file.

For those who don’t know what is EXIF data: it’s a bunch of information written by a digital camera into an image file, for example: date and time of capture, camera used, exposure, GPS location etc…

Why do I need an EXIF editor?

Bceause I like both digital and film photography, so I scan many pictures with an hardware that doesn’t know when I’ve got them, the camera I used etc… this will end up in a photo archive full of pictures with wrong or missed EXIF data.

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The Best Darkrooms Project

This post is dedicated to Richard Nicholson and his Darkroom’s Project: a portfolio of 22 shots from the fabulous Darkroom of some London’s photographers.

Here you can see a wonderful video regarding the project (it has been posted by the
Below you’ll find my favourites shots, for the entire set please check the website of Richard Nicholson → Analog – Last One Out

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Fujifilm X100 the “New” Old School Camera

So you don’t like the feel of the modern DSLR and do you find a better inspiration from a classic camera?
The Fujifilm Corp. has developed the product you’re looking for: they’ve called it X100.
An unusual camera with a real classic look dedicated to both Professionals and Enthusiasts photographers.

It combines a vintage magnesium body with black leather-like finish and an all brand new Hybrid Viewfinder.

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Vintage Camera Icons

Are we going back to the old school film photography?
Probably not, however, many people likes film cameras and usually they prefer this kind of photography over the digital one.

I hope they’ll like this nice Vintage Camera icon set to customize their Desktops.

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Chiaravalle – Photonews 2010

From may 29th to june 6th i’m exposing a little work titled “Underground Paris” during the Photonews 2010, an event organized by a local photography group Manifattura Tabacchi.

Paris: the city of the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, the Champs Elysees, wrapped in a magic atmosphere.

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Time Lapse Video of the Eyjafjallajokull Volcano

Sean Stiegemeier, a young Video Maker from Los Angeles has made a stunning time lapse video of the Iceland volcano Eyjafjallajökull. The video shows the eruption from various locations, so I suggest you to take a look of the amazing landscapes near the volcano.

To get more information

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The Million Dollar Camera

Few months ago I had the opportunity of trying (unfortunately just for few minutes) the latest M camera of the famous German producer: the M9.

On the top of this post you can see a photo made with the 50mm ASPH (aspherical) lens.

I’ve always been fascinated from the Leica M series and the little test drive with the M9 has confirmed my expectations: I like the body design, the controls minimalism, the metal details and the materials used.
There’s a big difference between my 5D and the M9 even in the shutter sound: you almost can’t hear a M9, while the 5D-in comparison-seems a scammed door.

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Markus Schwarze: Picture of the Day

Today I want to let you know a German guy called Markus Schwarze and his “Picture of the day project”: a great series of people portrait that he’s collecting since last months.

I’ve found Markus on flickr during my usual browsing.

His pictures have a great touch and light, they’re also very detailed and 3D like!
I recommend you to check the entire set on Flickr or the dedicated website at

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Olympus OM-2S + Zuiko 55mm f/1.2

I’ve been shooting with an Olympus OM-2S (Spot/Program) film camera since about 4 months and now I think it’s time to spend few words about it.

I’ve chosen the OM-2S version of the OM series because (I admit it) I like a little bit of comfort and, despite all the contrasting opinions about this body and its reliability, I’ve preferred a modern revision of the acclaimed OM-1.
The 2S is the evolved version of the OM-2n, it inherits the same OM electronic body and adds some nice features like the spot metering, ASA 3200 and LCD indicators in the viewfinder.

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"Sam Javanrouh"

Sam Javanrouh About Shooting People

Sam Javanrouh is a young Canadian photographer, he was born in Tehran and he’s working on his personal project: Daily Dose of Imagery since 2003.

He publishes a picture on his blog everyday and – I assure you – he hasn’t missed a day!! Naturally I’m not a “Daily Dose of Imagery” follower from the beginning but during the last year I’ve always had my daily dose of his photography.

Most part of the photos you’ll find on the website are about the city of Toronto, pictured with cityscapes, street photography, architecture and landscapes.

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How To: Merge Landscapes In Photoshop

the following post will try to explain how I’ve processed this image in Photoshop CS4; I’m writing this article for two reason: first of all I hope it’ll be usefull for somebody and second I’ll be happy to know your opinion about what I’ve done in this picture.

The method is useful for landscapes images where there’s a strong difference between the grass and the sky. Both parts should be differently exposed and we know that it’s difficult to achieve a good result with just one shot.

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Revisited Design And Brand New Blog

I’ve finally found time to upgrade the website and to launch the brand new Reading section (yes, the page you’re actually reading ;)), this one will be my blog, where I would like to share news, curiosities, experiences and why not? photos than usually make me inspired.

At the first time I’ve built the website to share some pics on the web like many people usually do but now I would like to propose some useful content and more information about my photography to my visitors.

Ok…this one should be something like “my first post”, I hope to write more interesting contents in the next days and in the meantime, if you want, leave me a feedback about my website.

Thank you very much.

~ Andrea ~